Ecological Restoration 2021 Report

The Piroa-Brynderwyns High Value Area Biodiversity Values & Opportunities for Ecological Restoration report 2021 is now available. A lot has happened in conservation in the decade since Dr Ray Pierce wrote a comprehensive report on the biodiversity values of the Brynderwyns. Over 40 North Island Brown Kiwi have been translocated and appear to be breeding and dispersing beyond Marunui. PCT has been established to extend the marvellous work of Marunui, and the government has released a number of central and local policies and expectations to achieve Predator Free 2050, improve water quality and catchment management and deliver biodiversity gains. An updated ecology report is almost ready for distribution and reading.
Local ecologist Amy Bazeley, has prepared a tremendous report to build on the 2009 report by Dr Ray Pierce. It includes a 10 year management plan which proposes some exciting additions to the trapping and pest plant work currently being delivered.
Amy’s research findings show the significance of broadening current conservation efforts and focus to include improving the quality of water catchments, alongside supporting wider biodiversity goals for shore birds, frogs and bats. The report highlights the current threats and risks to the conservation values of the Piroa Brynderwyns HVA, how they are being addressed, the challenges, and priorities to do better.
The 10 year management plan has 5 pillars:
1. Build a sustainable organisation to lead the work
2. Control/eradicate pest animals
3. Control/eradicate pest plants
4. Improve biodiversity outcomes
5. Achieve significant improvements in fresh water quality throughout catchments in the HVA and as the rivers/ streams flow into the oceans
Download here 

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