Half Year report ending December 2023
We are pleased to share our half year progress report - we hope you enjoy this report from Piroa Conservation Trust.
Thanks to all our amazing volunteers - none of our work is possible without YOU!

The report provides an overview of our highlights as well as tracking status against the annual plan we submitted in July. We are thrilled with the work that is happening in the kiwi space, and our volunteer engagement. The SWAT team approach is proving useful to rally volunteers around a single purpose event. We also recently won the prize for the most environmentally friendly float in the Waipu Santa Parade- everything was recyclable/reusable or natural fibres, including plants from our nursery. The report also includes some notes about the work on healthy waterways and the community nursery- both of which are gaining momentum and community support.
Download report here

Annual Report July 2023:  Growing a strong and resilient grass roots community organisation over the past six years has been incredibly rewarding. We (Piroa Conservation Trust) started out as a group of enthusiastic trappers wanting to build on the kiwi nursery and 30 yearlong efforts of the stalwarts at Marunui and aspiring to grow their success to something like Whangarei Heads. We’ve now spread our wings to encompass pest plant control as well as healthy waterways. What a journey. We are continually inspired by the generosity and contribution made by every volunteer, trapper, weeder, trackie, nursery potter, landowner, business owner, contractor and supporter.

We have achieved and made progress on many of the goals and objectives of the 5-year management plan for Piroa Brynderwyns 2018-2023. Highlights include the recent kiwi presence survey which has confirmed that kiwi are breeding and dispersing at the eastern and southern ends of the Piroa range. The number of groups of landowners and community actively involved in pest control (animals and weeds) has surpassed 35. This is well reflected in the number of pests removed over the past 12 months.
To help share the results we are pleased to share our annual report - we hope you enjoy this report from Piroa Conservation Trust.
Download report here


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