Intensive Pest Control 

Intensive pest control has been introduced to a number of new properties during over the past 2 years. These initiatives build on work carried out over the past three decades at the Marunui Conservation property (420ha). Rats and possums are now reduced to low numbers in over 2,000ha of regenerating forest. Removal of these pests has an immediate positive impact on native flora and fauna. Intensively managed properties run from Bream Tail to Marunui and over to Waipu Cove.

Possum and rat control measures are in addition to mustelid trapping which is carried out over a much wider area (approx. 10,000ha) to protect kiwi chicks. Kiwi were observed in several new locations in 2021. Hochstetter’s Frogs, Kaka and Koromiko have also been observed. This indicates that rat and possum control is also having a positive impact.
The map shows the current area with further expansion to come.

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