Waorahi - Bruce Copeland & Family

In October 2021 year our family purchased the 194ha of land known as the Langs View Subdivision to support the Conservation efforts in the PCT area. With expert advice, it was renamed Waorahi, harmonious with Wairahi. Rahi means plentiful or abundance and Wao is another name for ngahere or bush. Abundant bush is appropriate for our aspirations.

Waorahi is bounded by 3 DOC Reserves - Robert Hastie Scenic Reserve, Bream Tail Scenic Reserve and the Brynderwyn Hills Scenic Reserve which also borders Marunui which is a private 400ha conservation project started in the 1980's. It's due to the herculean predator control efforts at Marunui that DOC released Kiwi's. PCT is currently negotiating with DOC to establish a "Waorahi'' Predator Control Project which would incorporate Waorahi and the surrounding DoC Reserves with a total area of 545ha. Adding that to the other initiatives close by, particularly Bream Tail Farms and Langs Beach Estate would provide a significant refuge for Kiwi's and the growing population of other native birds.

Meantime there has been a lot of work taking place on Waorahi. Contractors have mechanically removed large areas of gorse and pampas, extensive weed spraying, pines are currently being harvested and natives replanted. Track lines are being cut and over 350 bait stations set out in preparation for a major predator control project in spring. More traps are being laid out with over 80 possums to date, our first feral cat and a stoat.


More about the work & the RNZAF in 2022

Watch the short video to learn more about why the Copland’s purchased Waorahi, their vision for the community and the work that’s been supported by RNZAF, NRC, DOC, the ranger, and a group of dedicated volunteers.  

Video proudly provided by NRC!

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