Waipu Waters -  who are we?

We are committed to creating and coordinating resources, and mobilising volunteers to achieve our objectives. When the community Waipu River Walk project developed, there were discussions on water quality resulting in a subcommittee focused on water quality. Waipu Waters was formed and joined with an older Waipu water conservation group. Those embryonic footprints have led to a Bio-Blitz event in Waipu which was highly successful with results published in both local and national media.
Our voyage of discovery continues including being incorporated into the strong Piroa Brynderwyn Landcare five-year plan encompassing a clear set of objectives concerned with water quality.
We continue to gain momentum and resources to achieve our objectives.

Mission Statement
We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and enhancing Waipu’s water environment. We are committed to creating and coordinating resources and mobilising volunteers to achieve our objectives. 

- Create a clean water environment, free of harmful pollution and its downstream impacts.
- Increase public understanding and promote sound land use polices to ensure clean river water quality and drinking water in   the Waipu district.
- Provide the information and leadership to the community and members needed to advance our mission.
- Provide a stream health monitoring service.

- Initiate Catchment groups in the area where landowners collectively take responsibility for the health of the rivers that run in their catchments.
- Liaise with regional and district councils for funding.
- Develop and run a community nursery of native plants for riparian zones.
- Plant appropriate and approved plants using best practise. 

Farm Environmental Plans & Regulatory Requirments

We continue to build a knowledge resource of best farm land practices and what the future regulations will require.
We work with NRC in their endeavour to help farmers improve and protect their waterways, specifically fencing and planting. NRC has a fund to support this work in a collaborative funding approach. We can help farmers request this support.

Fish Passage & Stream Health

Fish passage improvement by fixing
culverts and weirs can prevent migratory fish from accessing their natural habitats. We can help landowners identify fish barriers and put in fish ladders and other solutions to fix them.
Monitor stream health...
We have the capability to test and assess the state of health of our water ways. This can be done in a variety of ways some of which require a long period of regular water sampling using a SMAak kit from NIWA or paying for an MCI (Macroinvertebrate community index) samples are done by a lab.  

Projects & Working Groups

All meetings & events are advertised on the calendar page HERE
We continue to build and maintain a community nursery to grow plants needed for riparian planting on the water ways of the Waipu area and are always on the lookout for new volunteers and resources. If you’d like to be involved at any level, please get in touch. Here is where you may help. If you have plastic plant pots that you can donate please drop them to 16 The Braigh Waipu. Do you have any seedlings such as mānuka, kānuka, titoki or other natives we can propagate? Or do you want to be part of a small group that meets for a few hours a week to look after the nursery? Alternatively, do you have a stream or river on your land? Then you could join a catchment group of landowners who support each other to improve the health of their waterways.  


We aim to be able to provide a consultation service to landowners to help them reduced the regulatory challenges imposed. We are always looking for experienced people to help with this service.

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