How We Are Doing It

The PCT steering group now coordinates funding and resources for over 30 trapping and weed action groups (WAPB). Approximately 1/3 of the budget is allocated to WAPB, 1/3 to professional trapping in the difficult terrain, and 1/3 to trapping resources, workshops and events.
A five -year management plan completed in 2018 has guided PCTs priorities and provides outcomes for reporting to NRC for funding. An annual scorecard is produced graphically illustrating the outcomes achieved for trapping and weed control including the volunteer effort.   This plan has now been refined and extended by the recently released Ecology report by Amy Bazeley which maps system shifts and focus for the next decade to 2031. Link to the report here.

PCT Coordinators for trapping and weed action have been instrumental in building relationships with landowners, helping community groups get established with equipment and other resources, providing health and safety inductions, and organising local sponsors and donors. The level of community buy-in has helped to build awareness of the conservation effort within this HVA and an appreciation of living in this special place.
While each community group is autonomous PCT has been formed to provide a platform and to help bring people together in collaboration towards a shared vision and goals.
PCT also connects people in partnerships between community, regional and district councils, government entities, landowners and the region’s private sector and philanthropists. 

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